Hpal Leveling 1-19 Reviewed by Momizat on . Ok, Sunday morning I decided to goof off with another Hpally. I sent over full BoAs, some gold, and consumables. I quickly leveled 1-10 and immediately joined m Ok, Sunday morning I decided to goof off with another Hpally. I sent over full BoAs, some gold, and consumables. I quickly leveled 1-10 and immediately joined m Rating:

Hpal Leveling 1-19

Ok, Sunday morning I decided to goof off with another Hpally. I sent over full BoAs, some gold, and consumables. I quickly leveled 1-10 and immediately joined my 1st XP ON WSG. This post spans 1 day and the process of going from 1-19 using mainly battlegrounds.

Let me start out by saying that I did not make use of the Tailoring Exploit that I witnessed at least 5 times throughout this experiment. My 2 85s have max tradeskills that I am not willing to unlearn for a little fun. One has Inscription with like ever pattern and Leatherworking with most patterns, including some good Sunwell stuff. My other 85 has max Skinning and Enchanting with almost every twink enchant. I could only imagine how nasty this would be with that exploit.

Here’s what I had equipped.

And here are the numbers from my 1st WSG as a level 10 Holy Paladin.

After this WSG, I headed into Ragefire Chasm and soloed trash to level 13. I had no trouble blowing up groups of 2 and 3 trash mobs with Holy Shock. I headed out and turned XP OFF and went back in with my main to gather gear. The new RFC Quests are level 15 required so my plan was foiled. I would have been able to do it if not for those meddling kids. I then turned XP back on and set out to level 13 to 15 in XP ON WSG.

At level 12, Holy Paladin critting with Holy Shock for over 1k? LOL. If you are geared well, soloing trash in RFC is a good way to level! Look at the XP per kill.

Here’s what I went into the Gulch with at level 13.


Here are the 4 games it took to level from 13 to 14.  Click them to see full sized images.

Instead of boring you all with another handful of full scoreboards, level 14-15 consisted of a lot of this. Paladins and priests everywhere. I did run into an alliance team with 7 druids too. They didn’t fair so well.

When I hit 15, I leveled to 16 doing a couple of dungeon quests, then turned XP back on to level in the WSG.

Above are just a few of the screenshots from games moving from 16-19. It didn’t take too many games since we won almost all of them.

When I hit 19, I turned XP back off and did a few dungeons hoping for a belt in the satchels. This was faceroll. I queued as tank, healer, or DPS and got in as tank and healer a couple of times. Each time, I led the DPS and healing. There was one SFK where a healer and DPS were queued together and the DPS shammy ran off and grabbed a ton of trash 2-3 times. We lived and since I voted to kick the yahoo a few times, they kicked me right before the end.  They got me good. :(

I previously promised the 19 twink community that I would never step foot into an XP OFF WSG again, but I lied. I decided to give it try to see how a Kmart Twink would fair in the big boy bracket. I did decent, but they out Hpallied us, clearly. Another observation is that Shaman are hard to kill when they are geared well. It takes coordination to kill them. The one time we were able to kill their Shaman was with 2 HoJs and burst.

This experiment took longer than I thought with a 3 hour internet outage last night. I wanted to have this done last night (Sunday) but it didn’t go down as planned.

Overall, I had a blast with this experiment. 

  • I played in 23 Warsong Gulches, winning 19 of them. I returned 32 flags and captured 4.
  • I played in 1 Arathi Basin, which was a 5-0 win.
  • In PVP, I died 32 times total from level 10-19 (prior to the 1 level 19 XP ON game where I died 3 times).
  • I was 1-0 in duels which was a level 18 mage when I was level 16. Was no contest.

There is no doubt that Holy Paladins are OP. I talked about it in this post and nothing has changed since. It’s bad from 1-19, but it’s even worse at 24 with the addition of denounce to burn a target down. I noticed that games with plenty of healing, the impact of the Holy Paladin can be dealt with better. In games where we had 5+ Holy Paladins, there was no competition at all.

I know we all know this but I just wanted to document my quick experiment. 

What do you think of Holy Paladins right now? They have to be nerfed… soon.

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  • Drayner

    I didn’t mention it in my article but all the deaths that I had from level 10-19 were as a result of gang banging. I only died 1 time to a single foe. It was a level 19 Hpally when I was level 16 or 17. The rest of the deaths involved a couple HoJs and multiple people beating on me.

    I am not saying I’m good, I am merely saying that Hpals are Godly.

  • Gracob


  • Dave C

    Do you seriously edit out your name and leave everyone else’s on there? So you know you want privacy and assume no one else does?


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